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      Art&Craft operate with one goal to fulfil - to provide the world with the the perfect memento of their travels, through gifts and location-based merchandise.


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      Founded in 2003, Art&Craft quickly established a foothold in the product design market and secured our first physical store within the same year. The placement of the store, in the Henri Coanda International Airport, was the perfect location for the company to showcase our talent and merchandise. The popularity of our products soared as both visitors of the country, and Romanian nationals alike, purchased and escorted our products around the world to either keep as souvenirs of their travels, or to gift them to relatives and friends to share their experience.

Magazinele Art & Craft

      As the Art&Craft brand continued to grow throughout the years, we were able to open a number of physical stores to make it easier for the world to access our products. We now have a strong presence in the eastern European market, which has fortified our brand name as suppliers of quality and unique products for that region.


      As our company’s reach expanded, so did our team. We now employ over 50 members of staff that are as dedicated to the company mission as ever. Each member of staff contributes a unique perspective as well as a distinctive set of skills that allows us to continue our growth and also keep up with the increasing demand for products and shipments.

      We know boast a total of over 3000 products belonging to a variety of different brand lines. We aim to cater our products to each potential customer so that everyone can find a product that suits their tastes. Whether this is a box of luxury truffles, or school equipment, or one of our many other items, we can guarantee you will find something you love.

Magazinele Art & Craft


      Due to our success in the eastern European market, we have begun identifying market opportunities in lands further afield in the hopes that we share the joy our products bring with the rest of the world.