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    The art of wood carving
    2017-11-29 10:32:00 By: Art Craft

    Wood craft has been part of the Romanians’ life since ancient times. Even nowadays, many of us possess, among modern kitchen...

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  • imgBlog
    Baia Mare Ceramics - Bledea Family
    2017-11-29 08:06:12 By: Art Craft

    As promised, after telling you the story of the Sitar family and their unique pottery, we bring you the story of the Bledeas, the second...

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  • imgBlog
    How is pottery made?
    2017-03-20 13:11:00 By: Art Craft

    The clay is extracted and cleansed of impurities, then is battered with water and left to leaven for a few weeks. Thereafter, the clay is...

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  • imgBlog
    Pottery Tradition
    2017-03-20 13:07:00 By: Art Craft

    Dating back to the Neolithic period, pottery represents the oldest and most important “household industry”, in which the three...

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    Baia Mare Ceramics - Artisan Cornel Sitar
    2017-03-20 08:02:43 By: Art Craft

    Ever since olden times, Romanians have worked the clay in order to create homeware and somewhere along the lines, the trade turned into an...

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