A trip to Maramures lands

Is it hard to decide what other places to visit? It is hard for us too! And this could also be due to the places previously visited and photographed in your soul that made you come back to them again and again, as well as due to those that deceived your expectations. So, as to see what is the right place for your holiday, we must take a brief trip to those lands where you are about to travel. And how else could we do it, if not by reading?

So, in the lines ahead, we dare you come with us on a trip to the lands of Maramures. The place is full of traditions, peacefulness and novelty. But how could we travel more picturesque through Maramures if not on the famous Mocanita? This dates back to 1932, and it’s been working since then, almost without stopping. Mocanita from Viseu de Sus is the last woodland steam railway in the world. If you want to shut out from the bustle of the cities and go on untreated paths, then you can do it by Mocanita. The route on which it carries you will take your breath away.


Mocanita from Viseu de Sus

Mocanita stops us at Viseu de Sus, and from there we’ll start towards the heart of Maramures, from where the wonderful Church of Sapanta raises up. What makes it special, is not just the title of the highest wooden construction in Europe, but its beauty lies in the way it completes this mirific space. The messes held here every Sunday are celebrations for the villagers. This celebration aura is also supported by the traditional dress that can be easily deemed as clothing art.

Biserica de la Sapanta

Church at Sapanta

We remain still at the heart of Maramures and go visit the Funny Cemetery at Sapanta. Perhaps you wonder how could a cemetery be funny, well that is possible due to a master carpenter called Stan Ioan Patras, who wrote on the crosses in the cemetery various funny lines about the life and end of the deceased. But beyond the great amount of emotion of the place, it invites you to take optimistically even the most unfortunate events.

Cimitirul Vesel  de la Sapanta

Funny Cemetery at Sapanta

For those who already had the chance to step foot on the lands of Maramures, but didn’t get to carry a souvenir with them, they can still do it, even though they are no longer there. On the Art & Craft site, they can find ceramic products specific to Maramures. It is not only the funny paintings decorating the pottery of Maramures, but also the sound they make, especially when it comes to the Ornamental Ceramics Bell of Baia Mare which carries our thoughts to the sound of church bells or that of Mocanita. Another traditional object that will remind you of Maramures is theCeramics Mug of Baia Mare. Like this you can keep alive the memories from this place.

Ceramica Baia Mare Cana si Clopotel

In other words, Maramures is a place to see and it’s inevitably self-sufficient to come here once and then carry it in your soul. Are you ready to start?

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