Simboluri ale ceramicii de Horezu – Pomul vietii

Daca in articolul trecut va vorbeam despre emblema ceramicii de Horezu – cocosul, astazi vom descoperi alte simboluri reprezentative si anume, simbolurile fitomorfe, in special“pomul vietii”. Ornamentele fitomorfe compun o grupa importanta: de la frunze pana la copaci, o intreaga lume vegetala isi gaseste locul pe vasele de ceramica. Floarea ocupa locul central al vaselor, […]

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Symbols of the Horezu ceramic- The Tree of Life

If in the last article we were talking about the symbol of the Horezu ceramic- the rooster, today we will discover other representative symbols and more specifically, the phytomorphic (plant-form) symbols, particularly“the tree of life”. The phytomorphic decorations constitute an important group: from leafs to trees, an entire vegetal world finds its place on the […]

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Symbols of Horezu pottery – Rooster

Once in Horezu, you are charmed and attracted by the magic of colors and the abundance of pottery vessels, which are more or less beautifully decorated. Hurezene popular pottery style continues to exert a strong interest among its fans through specific procedures that you express through traditional accumulation, and the innovations of content, function and […]

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Vlad the Impaler vs. Dracula – (I)

Dracula character, as it is perceived today, appears as interference between the many legends that have circulated over the years, betweenIrishman Bram Stoker novel and among facts, historical, of Vlad Tepes, also called Dracula. Prince Vladthe Impaleris an iconic image, the subject of many literary and historical creations. Vlad the Impaleris first mentioned in history […]

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Vlad the Impaler vs. Dracula II

We can talk about Vlad the Impaler andDracula as one and the same character? Well, no! Dracula is a fictional character and everybody is desirable to distinguish between Vladthe Impaler ashistorical characterand his imaginary Dracula, Bram Stoker created the novel of the same name in 1897.Bram Stoker was intended to make a person from the […]

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Valentines’s Day vs. Dragobete

Valentine’s Day or Dragobete? Although “Dragobete” is an authentic Romanian celebration, deeply rooted in ancient tradition, in our days there is the tendency for more and more Romanians to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which became the international celebration of love. The history of the two holidays Dragobete The Dragobete is celebrated on the 24th February, date […]

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